CPD Standards Factsheet

A CPD Standards Guide:

CPD accreditation and E2E Customer Focus

The CPD Standards Office is a unique organisation founded with the vision of understanding and enabling positive and successful CPD learning experiences. As a highly specialised expert team, our university led research has equipped us with extensive expertise on all things CPD; including a thorough understanding of professional CPD and the use of CPD Certificates for formal CPD records.

The Office seeks to encourage good educational processes, champion professional & personal development, and redefine and revitalise the image of CPD across sectors.

This guide is an outline of how E2E Customer Focus works with the CPD Standards Office to ensure their training is of the highest quality.

E2E Customer Focus and CPD Accreditation

E2E Customer Focus has successfully achieved CPD accreditation following a rigorous assessment process; the assessment process has been developed following extensive research into the CPD and best practice.

The training activities delivered by E2E Customer Focus and accredited by the CPD Standards Office adhere to learning best practice and as such delegates can be issued formal CPD points and hours to all delegates undertaking CPD accredited activities.

All training materials, content and internal processes have been assessed as part of the accreditation along with a review of policies and years of wealth of experience in this area so in addition to issuing formal CPD points and hours, delegates can be comfortably in the knowledge that the training delivered by E2E Customer Focus is of extremely high quality.

So what is CPD?

“Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involves intentionally developing the knowledge, skills and personal qualities an individual requires to perform their professional responsibilities successfully, and stay current and competent within their role.”CPD Research Project.

CPD sits across all levels of the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) and is a way for professionals to keep whichever level they are at up to date and ensure they stay on top of their game.

Often Professionals have an annual CPD requirement, this varies widely depending on sectors and in the UK approximately 5 million people undertake CPD activities – that is around 15% of the UK workforce.

Why undertake accredited CPD training?

Accredited CPD training activities can help delegates to complete a CPD record; whether their CPD requirements are mandatory or recommended, completing accredited training means formal CPD points can be issued and logged in a CPD record.

The accreditation is also an indicator that the training the delegate is undertaking is of the highest quality as it has been independently verified and has gone through an assessment process to give the delegate quality assurance of the training they are undertaking.

Undertaking CPD accredited training can also benefit those without a CPD requirement to complete each year as CPD can contribute to employability; research has shown that a CPD section on a CV can increase employment prospects by up to 10%.

If you have any questions about the information in this guide, please take a look at our website for further information, case studies and testimonials. https://www.cpdstandards.com

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